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Life at Langton Green Community Farm

Production Farming

We cultivate 1.5 acres using organic and regenerative methods to produce roughly 14,000 lbs. of produce each season. Our dedicated farm crew works year round to maintain ornamental and edible plants alike. We deeply appreciate our volunteers who help out in every way.

Livestock Care

Langton Green Community Farm is home to potbelly pigs, laying hens, goats, a bunny, and a farm cat. Through caretaking and play, the individuals in our care thrive on therapeutic services from our certified animal therapist and the farm’s livestock in residence.

Community Building

Through events, produce distribution, and volunteer opportunities, the farm is homebase for Marylanders near and far. In addition to raising fruit, vegetables, and livestock, the farm is a focal point for arts activities, live musical performances, educational and vocational programs for the local county school system, goat yoga, and other fun, therapeutic activities. We host regular events open to the public and welcome visitors to drop in whenever. 

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